Hello there! šŸ‘‹ Welcome to Taiwan Visuals. My name is Chris and I am the one that wrote these guides. As the name of this blog might have suggested, I love Taiwan and I love sharing them so other people can get to see Taiwan’s beauty.

You might have gotten to know about this blog through my Instagram or TikTok @taiwanvisuals. Well, this blog is where I go beyond that to record my extensive travel tips and tricks.

taiwan visuals
I am proud to call Taipei as my home.

How Taiwan Visuals Started

I still remember the time when I got my very first iPhone and knowing many influencers use it for their daily driver of content, I have to try it for myself!

I was pretty shocked at how crisp and stable the videos shot from just an iPhone. This discovery filled me with an opportunity to share my love of Taiwan’s wonders through the lens of my phone.

During those times I would deliberately plan many dates to go explore and film those beautiful spots for later to be posted on Instagram(at that time my recording skills were horrible). But it doesn’t stop me from keeping on creating this content.

ximen at afternoon
Ximen was my filming playground.

Now that I got the hang of filming(still a newbie though), I bought myself a drone. It has been a part of my filming crew and I love how pleasing the video clips it produces.

Since young I have always wanted to start a blog to share my travel diaries. And after seeing how far I’ve gone from my Instagram, I created a dedicated travel blog named Taiwan Visuals ā€“ which is the blog you are viewing right now!