The Ultimate 3 Day Taipei Itinerary 2023: 72 Hours in Taipei

3 day in Taipei, liberty square arch in taiwan taipei
The magnificent Liberty Square in Taipei

Taipei has been my home for these several years and I’m happy to say that traveling here has been a great experience. You might be thinking that 3 days or 72 hours in Taipei may not be enough, but you can fit in lots of activities during your visit to this vibrant city. 

Taiwan is one of my favorite countries to travel to, the public transportation here is top-notch, you can find affordable and delicious food anywhere, and the people are friendly and polite. I’m here to share my knowledge to make your next trip to Taipei hassle-free!

To make the most of your trip to Taipei in 72 hours, I provide you with this 3 day Taipei itinerary which will cover all the must-visit attractions in Taipei. 

jiufen old street taiwan
Beautiful lights popping in Jiufen Old Street

Taipei Travel Tips

Taipei is a very safe and tourist-friendly city. It’s like a combination of Japan’s modern city, Shanghai’s bright colors, and Singapore’s comfort. The best of 3 worlds, you don’t have to concern yourself about safety and roam wherever you desire!

Taipei Travel Essentials

1. Buy yourself a prepaid SIM Card – Having an internet connection during your visit to Taiwan, is an important thing to have. Not only can you easily find directions, research stuff online, and translate what you need to say in Mandarin.

You can get your Taiwan SIM card here when you arrive at the airport. Pick it up right at the counter where you exit the immigration section, there should be a sign for you to see. 

2. Buy an EasyCard – EasyCard is the way to go! Taipei is a bustling city and everyday people use this as their daily transport card to commute. If you haven’t already, get yourself an EasyCard and pick it up when you arrive at the airport! It also works for any other public transportation!

3. Maximize your trip with Taipei Transport Fun Pass – If you’re planning to travel everywhere using MRTs and buses, opt for unlimited travel suited to your needs.

4. Download these useful Taipei Travel Apps – A must-have is the Bus+ app which lets you search and view real-time schedules of all public transportation in Taiwan!

5. Bring an Umbrella – I’ve learned the hard way of not bringing my umbrella everywhere I go. If you aren’t aware, Taipei has 4 seasons but most of the time rains do happen so better come prepared!

6. Rent at Luggage Storages! – The number of services that Taiwan provides is amazing! Having these self-check-in luggage storage stationed in almost every station makes life a lot easier! If you happen to arrive earlier at your accommodation, the check-in time is not until 3 p.m. Then you can simply put your luggage in these storages and roam the city without the need to carry those big suitcases.

7. Download Uber & FoodPanda – If you ever need a pickup from your location then you can rely on Uber to have a reliable form of transport. It also offers food delivery called Uber Eats. As for FoodPanda it only offers food delivery service, but they always provide excellent services! Make sure to download both of these apps to make your trip to Taipei hassle-free.

8. Download the Free Pleco App –  Here in Taiwan, they use traditional Chinese instead of Simplified Chinese which Mainland China uses! What’s good about Pleco is how it gives the user total control of what you are searching for! It has every service that you need in a translation app like a search tool, handwriting function, and a camera.

If you have Google Translate then it works as well but remember to download the traditional Chinese library.

>> Consider my guide to the Top 10 Nature Spots Near Taipei if you are looking for new places to visit. <<

national taiwan university in taiwan
This was taken from NTU, a university in Taipei

How many days in Taipei?

Taipei is a large city. There are a lot of things that you can do here. I usually recommend taking 2 days to travel to Taipei. It would be enough time for you to go to must-see spots in Taipei.

You can of course extend it to 3 days to take things slowly and move at your pace around the city.

Best time to visit Taipei?

Taipei has 4 seasons and spring would be the ideal time as there aren’t that many places with snow here and summer can get pretty hot on some beaches.

Visiting Taipei from March to April when the weather is still not that hot and there is not much rainfall. November to January is when it is starting to get cold whereas January is the coldest you can get.

How to get to around Taipei?

If it is your first time coming to Taipei, you’ll likely arrive at Taoyuan Airport. From there getting to Taipei City is easy, you can take the Airport MRT from the airport.

Once you’ve exited the immigration area, look for the sign that has “MRT” on it. It will take you to Taipei Main Station, and from there you can check the map to continue your way to your accommodation!

If you are traveling with a lot of people and luggage then opt for a private car that will take you directly from the airport to Taipei.

>> For all your Taipei trips, you are likely to use the MRT and buses. I recommend getting your EasyCard right away at the airport to make your trip more enjoyable. <<

By MRT (Subway) – It is a reliable public transport that can take you anywhere around the city. It is also relatively cheap with ​​NT$ 18 per ride and it comes every 5 minutes.

The stations themselves are situated close to most tourist attractions and they operate daily from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. To save time, you can tap inside using the Easy Card.

By Bus – The bus in Taipei is very convenient! I have said before one of the apps that you should have is the Bus+ app which you can download from your app store.

Most bus stops in Taipei will have display signs that tell you when the next bus will arrive. And don’t forget to raise your hand if you want to hop in for the driver to know.

By BicycleYouBike is the official public bike rental throughout Taiwan. It is my favorite way to wander around the city as there are many bike lanes. The fare itself is cheap as low as NT$10 per 30 minutes.

If you want to stop somewhere then just find these bicycle-sharing kiosks to return your Youbike. They are mostly located outside MRT stations and tourist spots. For you to start renting, you’ll need an Easy Card and a local phone number to register.

By Uber – Be sure to have an Uber app installed as they can come in handy. Most of the time you would just need to wait around 5 to 10 minutes until pick up. 

By Traditional Taxis – You can easily find them parked beside the road. They are a great option if you want a quick ride to your destination! Just let the driver know where is the location preferably on Google Maps and they will take you there.

crowded mrt station in taipei
The crowd lining up to take the MRT

Where to stay in Taipei?

Any location would be fine as you can navigate anywhere using the MRT. But I do recommend staying in Ximending District. It is a lively place to be, and it has become a place where youth come to hang out. There are many attractions and shopping districts as well. The food options are also endless there, and every place is within walking distance.

Taipei 3 Days Itinerary

Day 1 East Taipei : Taipei 101, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Elephant Mountain, Raohe Night Market

Day 2 Central Taipei : Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Ximending District, Tamsui District, Shilin Night Market

Day 3 West Taipei : Huashan 1914 Creative Park, National Palace Museum, Beitou Hot Springs

yingge old street taiwan
Sunset in Taiwan’s pottery paradise, Yingge.

Taipei Itinerary

I have compiled this 3-day Taipei itinerary where I have included the top recommended spots to see in Taipei. It’s completely up to you how you want to explore this amazing city, but you can use this guide as a reference.

Day 1 East Taipei : 

1. Taipei 101 – Start your day trip by going to the iconic Taipei 101 tower, formerly the tallest building in the world standing at 508m, until Burj Khalifa in Dubai took the title five years later. Go to the 89th floor to witness an amazing 360 view of Taipei city from the top.

taipei 101
The view of Taipei 101 from below

When you arrive, there are some photo props up there you definitely want to take photos with, but what gets me excited is the tuned mass damper. Earthquakes are common here in Taiwan, and this device is responsible for the safety of Taipei 101 against strong winds or earthquakes. 

You can also enter the ground floor, where it is an elite department store that houses top fashion brands. While you are there, have some savory Xiao Long Bao at the ever-popular Din Tai Fung!

It may get crowded at times, so I recommend pre-booking your Taipei 101 observatory tickets and choose the entry time you want! 

2. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall – A few minutes walk away from Taipei 101 is one of Taiwan’s iconic landmarks. It features a large auditorium and four floors of exhibition rooms. Here you can explore Taiwan’s history and see some beautiful gardens.

sun yat sen memorial hall taiwan
The huge memorial hall building in Taipei.

Some fountains will usually come to life every half hour during the afternoons accompanied by soothing music. A perfect place to walk and enjoy the scenery inside this amazing hall.

3. Elephant Mountain – It is a popular palace to see a free Taipei city view from the top. By the time you arrive, it should be near sunset time. If you’re coming from Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall then you can take the Youbike or take the bus to arrive at Xiangshan station. This trail is easily accessible so don’t expect to be the only one there!

night view of taipei city from elephant mountain
The breathtaking view you can get from Xiangshan.

Sometimes it might get crowded and you need to wait in line to take turns taking pictures. Viewing sunsets here is a must thing to do as you will get an amazing view of the sun with Taipei City alongside it. While it’s quite a steep trek to the viewpoints, the sights along the way will be worth it.

Tip: If you can bring a mosquito repellant with you – the rainy season can attract many unwanted bite marks.

4. Raohe Night Market – After hiking through Elephant Mountain you are likely to be hungry and what other way to fulfill your empty stomach than heading to the city’s best street food.

entrance of raohe night market in Taipei
Entrance to the famous Raohe Night Market

Raohe is one of the most popular night markets here in Taipei. Not only can you try amazing local delights! There are games like bottle hoops like those in carnivals and many others for you to explore.

I recommend getting your very first bubble milk tea, as it is the iconic drink of Taiwan! Some great foods to try are Taiwanese sausages, mochi, pepper pork buns (a must try here in Raohe), and my personal favorite, stinky tofu.

>> If you want a more immersive experience of Taipei’s nightlife then you can get a guided tour of Raohe Night Market and a dinner at Din Tai Dung. <<

Day 2 West Taipei : 

1. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall – If you’re a fan of historical sites and beautiful gardens then this iconic square is a place you must visit. When I first arrived here, I was amazed by how large this complex is, and at the front you’ll notice the famous Liberty Square (中正紀念堂廣場). Inside you’ll find neatly kept gardens with colorful flowers.

chiang kai shek memorial hall in taipei Taiwan
A must visit for your Taipei travel is CKS Memorial Hall

It also houses the National Theater and the National Concert Hall. Other than strolling the beautiful grounds and taking pictures, you can learn a brief about Taiwan’s complex history.  You can stroll around the exhibitions and learn more about the country’s history.

After finishing your tour around the 2 buildings, it’s time to head up the 89 steps leading to the massive statue of Chiang, Taiwan’s first president. You can also watch the changing of the guards’ ceremony, which happens every hour.

2. Roam around Ximending District – Take the MRT and head over to the so-called “Taipei’s Harajuku”. The streets are for pedestrians only, and closed to all cars, making it a massive walking street. Inside you’ll find many hip-hop fashion stores, wonderful cafes and street arts.

ximending taipei
The ever growing fashion district in Taipei

Weekends are when it gets crowded especially at night. So if you’re looking for that hustle-bustle atmosphere, consider visiting it on a Saturday or Sunday night. It’s also a great idea to visit so that you can people-watch or see some amazing street performances.

>> You can take the blue or green MRT line to Ximen station, and take Exit 1 or 6. Upon exiting you’ll find the famous rainbow crossing where you can start exploring this area. <<

3. Explore Tamsui District – Another great spot that is a bit further from the rest is Tamsui (淡水). It is a scenic little town also often spelled Danshui, and there are a lot of things you can do there.

tamsui old street taiwan
Bustling old street and notable historic landmarks

There are many Old Streets in Taipei and Tamsui Old Street is one of them that you should visit. Here you will find a wide option of cute artisan stores, souvenir shops, and street stalls serving up the freshest seafood.

Because it is situated beside a flowing river you can watch a beautiful sunset from anywhere along the boardwalk but Lover’s Bridge is the best spot that you should visit to watch some epic sunsets.

4. Fill your bellies in Shilin Night Market – After a long day of walking and sunset watching it’s time to recharge ourselves with some amazing foods at Shilin Night Market (士林夜市).

shilin night market taiwan
One of the most famous night markets in Taiwan

Shilin Night Market is the largest and most diverse in Taipei – You’ll find authentic Taiwanese snacks like Taiwanese Sausages (大腸包小腸) and Taro Balls (地瓜球). Be sure to visit at night since that is when it becomes lively and packed with people.

If you are looking for more activities to do at night, consider reading my Top 10 Amazing Activities That You Can Do at Night in Taipei.

Day 3 Central Taipei : 

1. Explore the art diverse displays at Huashan 1914 Creative Park – It’s a place that you won’t want to miss! Many creative parks are scattered around Taipei where they are designated for modern arts and culture.

Today, the park is the city’s most prominent art center and a favorite destination among art lovers and those looking to escape the city.

huashan 1914 creative park taiwan
Experience a growing culture of arts in this nearby attraction

It is an amazing place as there is no fee for entry and inside you can find shops with products made by local designers, art exhibitions, themed cafes, and live performances. Creative parks in Taiwan are usually repurposed abandoned old buildings from the Japanese colonial era which may appeal to history lovers.

2. Visit the treasures in the National Palace Museum – After spending time outdoors it’s time to spend some indoors. The museum houses thousands of Chinese artifacts more than 700,000 pieces spanning over 8,000 years of history, the museum is said to be the world’s most complete Chinese artifacts collection.

national palace museum taiwan
The National Palace Museum with its glorified state.

One of the most interesting artifacts is the Jadeite cabbage, a piece of green and white jade that has been carved to look like a real-life cabbage. You should visit this iconic location as you can venture more toward this country’s long-held treasures.

The entrance fee is NT$350, but since it might take a while to line up, you might want to consider grabbing a discounted ticket here in advance.

3. Bath at the Beitou Hot Springs –  Here you’ll find actual volcanoes heating the hot springs waters. Beitou is a popular place to go for anyone looking to relax. It is surrounded by nature and a large amount of hot springs situated here made it such a popular go-to spot among locals and travelers alike.

beitou hot springs thermal
Enjoy a fresh and natural hot spring experience.

I recommend going to Phoenix Pavilion Hot Spring Resort if you haven’t had a place in mind. You can of course head out to one of the outdoor public baths to experience the geothermal activity.

Conclusion: Is Taipei worth a visit?

If this trip will be your first time in Taiwan then visiting the very capital should be your top choice! Not only does Taipei offer amazing things that you can do, but there are many other spots like old streets that you should consider visiting as well.

Taipei is the perfect place for you to enjoy an amazing full 3 days trip, If you have more time to fit in your itinerary then consider going to other places around the city where you will be greeted with beautiful nature spots within driving distance.

I hope that this 3 day Taipei Itinerary could give you an idea of how your trip would look like in this enchanting city.

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