10 Amazing Things To Do at Night in Taipei 2023

best things to do at night in Taipei
Experience an amazing vibe at Keelung Night Market

If you are planning to come to Taiwan or have spent some time here, you might be wondering about what things to do at night in Taipei. Well, this guide is here to answer your question!

Taipei truly comes alive after the sun sets. The city’s nightlife is vibrant, with nightclubs, live music venues, and cultural performances keeping the streets buzzing well into the early hours. The night markets are also a central part of this nightlife, offering not only food but a lively atmosphere.

When it comes to food, Taipei is a food lover’s paradise. Here you can find many dining options that span from night markets to fancy Michelin-starred restaurants. Taipei takes pride in its food choices as there is a tantalizing array of local and international dishes.

I will be sharing some must-visit Taipei’s top attractions along with my tips and tricks that are sure to help you find the best things to do at night in Taipei. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

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sanxia old street handicrafts
Souvenir shops in Sanxia Old Street

Taipei Travel Essentials : 

1. Buy yourself a prepaid SIM Card – Having an internet connection during your visit to Taiwan, is an important thing to have. Not only can you easily find directions, research stuff online, and translate what you need to say in Mandarin.

You can get your Taiwan SIM card here when you arrive at the airport. Pick it up right at the counter where you exit the immigration section, there should be a sign for you to see. 

2. Buy an EasyCard – EasyCard is the way to go! Taipei is a bustling city and everyday people use this as their daily transport card to commute. If you haven’t already, get yourself an EasyCard and pick it up when you arrive at the airport! It also works for any other public transportation!

3. Maximize your trip with Taipei Transport Fun Pass – If you’re planning to travel everywhere using MRTs and buses, opt for unlimited travel suited to your needs.

4. Download these useful Taipei Travel Apps – A must-have is the Bus+ app which lets you search and view real-time schedules of all public transportation in Taiwan!

5. Bring an Umbrella – I’ve learned the hard way of not bringing my umbrella everywhere I go. If you aren’t aware, Taipei has 4 seasons but most of the time rains do happen so better come prepared!

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national palace museum
Explore some amazing treasures in National Palace Museum

How to get to around Taipei City?

By MRT (Subway) – It is a reliable public transport that can take you anywhere around the city. It is also relatively cheap with ​​NT$ 18 per ride and it comes every 5 minutes. To save time, you can tap inside using the Easy Card.

By Bus – The bus in Taipei is very convenient! I have said before one of the apps that you should have is the Bus+ app which you can download from your app store.

By BicycleYouBike is the official public bike rental throughout Taiwan. It is my favorite way to wander around the city, as many bike lanes exist. The fare itself is cheap as low as NT$10 per 30 minutes, you’ll need an Easy Card and a local phone number to register.

10 Amazing Activities You Can Do at Night in Taipei

I have compiled this list of action-packed and rewarding things to do at night in Taipei. It’s entirely up to you how you want to explore this fantastic city, but you can use this list as a reference.

1. Explore Taipei’s Best Night Markets

entrance of raohe night market in Taipei
The entrance to the famous Raohe Night market

The first thing that comes to mind are Taipei’s night markets. They are a culinary and cultural spectacle that offers unique trinkets that are sure to fulfill your hunger. From sizzling street foods that can be smelled miles away to an array of fabulous fashion clothes and unique souvenirs.

Taipei’s night markets offer an amazing experience for you to enjoy. I’ll be sharing my top 3 night markets that you should check out!

Shilin Night Market is Taipei’s most iconic and bustling night market, attracting both locals and tourists in droves. Here, you can sample Taiwanese delicacies like stinky tofu, oyster omelets, and beef noodle soup The market is also a shopper’s delight, offering a wide range of clothing, accessories, and quirky gadgets. Shilin Night Market is an essential stop for those seeking an authentic Taipei night market experience.

Raohe Night Market is a historic gem that combines tradition with a modern twist. As you wander through its narrow alleys, you’ll encounter a stunning archway marking the entrance and a breathtaking view of the famous Ciyou Temple. The black pepper buns which were situated right after the walkway had been an all-time favorite.

Ningxia Night Market is a compact and cozy night market nestled in the heart of Taipei. Despite its smaller size, it packs a punch with a delectable array of Taiwanese street foods. This market is famous for its emphasis on quality, and you can taste it in every bite. Savor dishes like oyster vermicelli, tempura, and savory rice pudding while soaking in the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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2. Take a Tour Around the Ximending District 

night view of the cool neighbourhood xinyi district taipei
Ximen district is a cool area to visit

At night, Taipei’s Ximending is the “Harajuku of Taipei” and is an absolute must for travelers seeking a unique and vibrant experience. If you’re a fashion enthusiast, Ximending is a shopping paradise.

You will find various clothing stores from the well-known ones to local designers. They offer the latest clothing, accessories, and cosmetics trends. It’s the perfect place to update your wardrobe or people-watch.

Ximending (西門町) boasts a variety of night markets that open after dark. Indulge in delectable street food, from stinky tofu to bubble tea, and shop for trendy clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. The Shida Night Market and the Ximending Night Market are local favorites for night-time snacking and shopping.

The district is a hub for street performances, from talented musicians and dancers. You can even catch impromptu shows that add to the lively atmosphere, providing free entertainment as you explore.

3. Ride the Taipei Sightseeing Bus

taipei double decker bus
Hop on the double-decker bus for amazing Taipei sights

Taipei is a big city and what else except on a ride with a Taipei sightseeing bus to get you a quick tour of the beautiful dazzling city! The double-decker bus has an open roof on top where you can take advantage of this vantage point to take amazing pictures.

It will take you to various landmarks situated in the city and some tourist spots as well. They currently offer two routes which are red and blue. The red will take you around the city while the blue one takes you a little further away. So if it’s your first time, then I recommend sticking with the red route.

They have a multilingual guide system in English, Japanese, Korean, and of course Chinese. So be at ease and enjoy Taipei’s city view without even leaving your seats! 

Tip: If you want to stop at one spot, you can do so and hop on the next bus. To save yourself a seat, it’s better to preorder your Taipei Sightseeing Bus tickets earlier.

4. Hangout at Taipei’s Night Clubs

night club vibe with many people dancing in taipei
Dance and drink in Taipei’s famous nightclubs

If you have the chance, be sure to visit the city’s best nightclubs. Here you can drink exotic drinks and dance to your heart’s content! Most of the time there would be DJs rocking a diverse range of music genres, from EDM to hip-hop, catering to all tastes.

People here regard their looks as very important, so don’t be surprised to see women and men wearing their best pieces of clothing. Taipei’s nightclubs promise unforgettable nights of dancing and fun. Here are the top places that you should consider coming to:

WAVE is one of the most popular nightclubs that you can go to in Taipei. They primarily play EDM music but it is perfect for those looking to get a bit drunk and scream to their heart’s desire.

Triangle is a fusion of bar and club to create this amazing place to hang out. They have KTV that you can use and even arcade games if you feel bored.

AI is a pretty cool place as it has an all-you-can-drink night for students on Thursdays and Sundays. Be prepared to dance a lot cause that’s what most people came here to do.

5. Eat Late Night Ramen at Ichiran Ramen

the ramen at ichiran ramen in taipei
Even with their limited choices, the ramen was very delicious

If you did go to the nightclub and it’s now 4 a.m., you are a bit hungry. Well, you’re in luck cause in the neighborhood you can go to this famous Japanese branch called Ichiran Ramen. Here they only serve the finest ramen which is the only menu you can order except for vegan options. 

When I first tried it, the broth had a very strong flavor which I liked and their noodles were chewy but not too much. It was an amazing experience and I could say it is one of my favorite ramen here in Taiwan.

It is open 24 hours so you have all the time you need. Expect yourself to wait in line as people love coming back here for their ramen. The inside was very well designed, I genuinely like Japanese-style restaurants and this is what you’ll get here.

6. Walk Around Xinyi District and Taipei 101

night view of xinyi district taipei
Xinyi district is the best place to feel Taipei

If you enjoy going outside and people-watching then exploring Taipei’s Xinyi District at night is a captivating experience. At night when Taipei 101 and surrounding towers light up, it creates a stunning cityscape.

Taipei 101 is an iconic building in Taiwan. As the former tallest building in the world, it towers 508m over the city and offers spectacular views over the entire cityscape. You can experience a high-speed elevator taking you to the highest floors and a giant 660-ton wind damper that is constantly guarding this skyscraper from earthquakes.

There are many rooftop bars nearby where you can relax and chill. The lower levels are a shopping complex filled with various designer clothing and brands. If you are hungry then you should try some Xiao Long Bao at the famous Din Tai Fung!

>> On the 89th floor, you can see a one-of-a-kind view that covers the whole of Taipei! Because of how popular it can be, it’s recommended to preorder your tickets earlier and enjoy your trip hassle-free. <<

7. Sing Your Night Away at KTVs

singing ktv room in taipei
The room inside of a KTV in Taipei

Singing has been a popular thing to do here in Taiwan, the locals here would spend their entire night time in a KTV room only to leave in the morning. If you wanna get in some of that action as well or just wanna sing then sign yourself up for some KTV singing!

Many places offer this service but you can look for some prominent companies like Party World or Holiday where they are more established and safe. Inside you will have a diverse option of songs ranging from Western music to Chinese songs.

The rooms are very comfortable and you can even order some food like french fries and burgers directly through the phone provided. If you are coming with a group of 3 or 4 then great, because renting an entire karaoke room would be worth it for more people.

8. Do Some Night Shopping

shopping district at night in taipei
The crowd during weekends at a shopping district

Here’s a fun thing to do: do some night shopping! Taipei has many department stores like Shin Kong Mitsukoshi scattered throughout the city. One of them is located in Xinyi District – This upscale shopping complex is known for its extensive selection of products. From fashion and cosmetics to electronics and home goods, you’ll find it all. Plus, it often stays open late, making it an excellent spot for nighttime shopping.

Another great location is underground malls which you can find near Taipei’s MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) stations. They often have underground malls that cater to late shoppers. Places like Taipei Main Station and Zhongxiao Fuxing Station offer a variety of shops and eateries that stay open late. Here you can find clothes, stationery, and even local crafts.

9. Watch Movies at Taipei’s Cinemas

the seats inside a cinema in taipei
Relax and watch your favorite movies

If you’re a fan of movies then you’re in luck cause some cinemas in Taipei operate until very late. These cinemas even offer VIP couches and even beds for you to enjoy your favorite movies. You can watch the latest international blockbusters and Taiwanese films, often with subtitles, ensuring you stay updated on cinematic trends. 

It’s a fantastic way to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city after a day of exploration. If you’re traveling with friends or locals, watching a movie together is a fun and communal activity that fosters bonding.

10. Eat Some Night Snacks in Convenience Stores

convenience store at night in taipei
Head up to your nearest convenience store and get some delicious meals

Don’t underestimate Taiwan’s convenience stores like 7-Eleven and FamilyMart. They’re open 24/7 and explore Taiwanese street food culture through 7-Eleven. You can try classic Taiwanese dishes like 包子(steamed buns), dumplings, and 臭豆腐 (stinky tofu) at your convenience. These stores boast an incredible array of snacks, both savory and sweet. 

From local Taiwanese treats to well-known snacks, you’ll find an extensive selection to satisfy your cravings. You should try some of Taiwan’s instant noodles, you can prepare it yourself as there’s free hot water for anyone to use.

What’s more, is that the food here is cheap! We know that Taipei can get pretty expensive and you can save some money here.

>> I hope that these 10 amazing activities that you can do in Taipei will give you an idea of how your trip would look like in this vibrant city. <<

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