The Ultimate Guide to Banqiao Christmasland 2023

Banqiao Christmasland 2023
The most anticipated event in Taipei!

December is one of the most magical times to be in Taiwan. Even though the majority of Taiwanese do not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, it is much celebrated as a social event.

As the weather starts to get colder and the daylight gets shorter, Christmas events will pop up around the city and Banqiao Christmasland is one of the most anticipated!

It is held yearly and I had the chance to visit it last year, so in this post, I will impart my knowledge to you so you could maximize your visit.

banqiao christmasland 2023
Last few years of Banqiao Christmasland.

When is the New Taipei Christmasland 2023?

Banqiao (New Taipei) Christmasland 2023 is planned to run from November 17, 2023, until January 01, 2024. This is more than enough time frame for you to visit and enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations and amazing light shows. 

How to get to Banqiao Christmasland?

If you are already in Taipei, the easiest way is by taking the M​RT to Banqiao station via the Blue Line (Bannan line). Simply tap your EasyCard from any station until you reach the station.

Any exit will take you to the venue within 5 minutes of walking but do keep in mind the large Christmas Tree will be in Civic Plaza.

What to do in Banqiao Christmasland?

banqiao christmasland 2023
The official poster for 2023 Banqiao Christmasland!

This year’s long-awaited Christmasland will have a theme of “Santar Bear.” Last year was “Disney Frozen” and the last time I visited there were many beautiful Instagrammable spots to take pictures with! So you can expect the same as with this year!

There will be a total of 46 days of unforgettable celebrations, and 4 cute mascots to accompany your visit! They come in various sizes and shapes spread out throughout the Chrismasland venue. You can also find the largest-ever 3D Christmas projection, the only giant gingerbread man in Taiwan, and a white cat-themed light zone.

The lights will be on from 5:30 PM to 12:00 AM and the main light show starts from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM, every hour and half-hour, 5 minutes each time.

They will transform Banqiao into a sweet little town, bringing dreamy light displays and photo venues to 4 spots you can visit. Let’s take a further look into each one:

Here are the 4 spots to visit in Banqiao Christmasland:

1. Civic Plaza Light Zone: Christmas Sweet Party

santa bear christmasland banqiao
The cute Santa Bear and many mini Christmas trees!

This is where the center of the event will be and you can find the largest Christmas tree here. I recommend coming here first to experience the large venue filled with Christmas decorations and also watch the largest-ever 3D projection right behind the Christmas tree.

You will also find the iconic “Bamboo Shoots” in Banqiao which will become a tent-style Christmas tree called “Matcha Cake,” surrounded by desserts like tiramisu and strawberry cake(talk about sweet!).

After the lights are on each night, you can enjoy a romantic starry sky overhead. Also, the 3D projections will provide an immersive audio-visual show with Santar Bear in pixelated light strips. Do note that it will be crowded with people either walking or taking pictures as it is one of the largest events in New Taipei City.

2. Station Front Square Light Zone: Dessert Village

christmasland banqiao
Many different mascots for you to discover!

After seeing the Matcha Cake Christmas Tree time to head to The Station Front Square light zone. Here you will find many unique decorations with different mascots. Some of them are “Fondant Macarons,” “Candy House,” “Pink Donut,” and the “Dessert Village Gingerbread House Market.” It also features a “Magical Cake City” that combines music and light. Every scene is incredibly Instagram-worthy!

The surrounding roads also have cute light installments for you to explore! They will be placed on the surrounding pavements in Civic Plaza, including “Angel Blessing Avenue” on Zhongshan Road, “Happy Reindeer Avenue” on Xianmin Boulevard, “Star-Sharing Success Avenue” on Xinfu Road, and “Good Tree Bear Fruit Avenue” on Xinzhai Road. There’s also the “Kaleidoscope of Light and Shadows” tunnel near Exit 2 of Banqiao Station. (ok that’s a lot of venues!).

banqiao christmasland 3
The streets will be filled with lights.

Another must-visit is the seven pedestrian bridges which will make you scream with sensory overload(in a good way). These will once again transform into romantic light corridors which you can find all around the venue. Last year I went there with a couple of friends and we devised a plan to visit every bridge, it felt like a treasure hunt game(those bridges can get confusing on how to go)

These 7 bridges have interesting themes for each of them, I’m just putting it here in case you would like to know! (“Lyre Starlight Corridor,” “Starlight Corridor,” “Galaxy Light Corridor,” “Magnificent Light Corridor,” “Golden Jazz Light Corridor,” “Purple Wisteria Elf Light Corridor,” “Wishing Light Corridor,” and “Sweet World”).

3. Wanping Park Light Zone: The Sweet Christmas Party of the White Cat

banqiao christmasland 4
Look at this amazing bridge!

This year’s Christmasland collaborates with the popular IP “White Cat” to bring the “Sweet Christmas Party of the White Cat” to Wanping Park. It offers six photo spots and pop-up shops to explore. White Cat fans you don’t want to miss this once-in-a-year event!

4. Fuzhong Plaza Light Zone: Gingerbread Paradise

banqiao christmasland 2
The biggest Gingerbread man in Taipei!

Technically not in Banqiao, Fuzhong Plaza is another festive spot that you should visit. Here it will be transformed into a “Gingerbread Paradise,” featuring a giant Ritter Sport, a crown chocolate house, a golden magic forest, a Christmas tree with a magic hat, and the largest gingerbread man in Taiwan. 

Attend the Biggest Concerts in Christmasland

banqiao christmasland concert
Many popular Taiwanese singers can be found here!

If you don’t really want to walk around and see those dazzling light decoratons, then concerts are something you should make time for! Here are some of them that will be held here as well as when is the concert:

“Kids Fun Carnival” will take place from November 18 to 19, featuring music and dance performances with cute cartoon characters to entertain families. The highly anticipated “Superstar Christmas Concert” is expected to be held from December 9 to 10. From December 15 to 17, there will be the “German Christmas Party.” Be sure to mark your calendars!

Looking to Celebrate the New Year’s?

If you are planning to watch the Taipei 101 fireworks show, be sure to read my Best ways to celebrate 2024 New Year’s Eve in Taipei to equip you with everything I know. Or if you are feeling the winter vibe, be sure to read my Winter in Taipei guide.

And that’s my experience catching the Christmas festive in New Taipei Christmasland!

As usual, please feel free to leave your comments below if you have any.

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