Yingge Old Street 2023: A Day Trip to Taiwan’s Pottery Paradise

yingge old street taiwan
Beautiful sunset in Yingge Old Street

Old Streets are famous in Taiwan, each of them presents something different from the other and Yingge Old Street is one of them that you should visit!

Yingge held the title being Taiwan’s greatest producer of ceramics and pottery. The old street is decorated with cobbled street and on every corner there are dozens of pottery shops selling tea sets, kitchenware, ornaments, vases and so much more. 

Yingge Old Street is famous for its high-quality offering of tea ware, many locals find it useful to shop here for their everyday tea sets. There are 800 types of ceramic products in this pedestrian shopping street. With that many selections, there is everything for everyone. 

Take a stroll along the paved streets and pick out your favorite pottery works of art, or partake in the fun of pottery making. You will also find many authentic cuisines in Yingge Old Street that you should try. 

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yingge old street taiwan district
The busy street outside of Yingge Old Street

How to get to Yingge from Taipei?

From Taipei, Yingge can be easily reached by several options:

1. Taiwan Railways (TRA)

Taking the Taiwan Railways is the fastest option which will take around an hour to arrive. If you have an EasyCard then you can ride the Local TRA Train without needing to reserve a ticket.

You should board the train from your nearest train station and then head to Yingge Train Station where you should alight there. Turn right out of the train station and you need to walk for 5 minutes before being greeted with the entrance to Yingge Old Street.

If you haven’t already I recommend downloading the Bus+ app from your app stores. You can view real-time schedules of TRA train schedules, so it will save a lot of time (it has an English interface). 

2. MRT and Bus (Public Transport)

If you want to use the MRT (Taiwan’s Subway), it also will take you there but you need to use the bus as well. The MRT itself will take an hour and cost around TWD 40.

Go to your nearest MRT station and take the Bannan Line (blue line) to Yongning Station Exit 1. From there you need to walk to the bus stop (in front of MOS Burger) to take the 916 bus which will take another 20 minutes to arrive at the Enzhugong Hospital bus stop.

There you need to change to bus 702 which will take you to Yingge Old Street. 

3. Uber or Taxi

Taking an Uber or a taxi from Taipei to Yingge is the fastest and easiest option. But it will cost you around TWD 500 – 700 depending on where you depart from Taipei and the ride will take less than an hour.

I would recommend taking this option if you are traveling in a group of 3 or more people. As you can distribute the cost to not be too expensive and the good side is that it will arrive quicker.

If you’re using Uber just search Yingge Old Street and you should be fine. As to traditional taxis, you may want to tell the driver clearly where you wanna go, just tell them 鶯歌老街(“Ying Ge Lao Jie”) will be enough.

Tip: Most people who visit Yingge Old Street will combine it with a trip to Sanxia as they are very close to each other. In Sanxia you will find the popular Sanxia Old Street with beautiful red-bricked buildings spanning from the start to the end.

yingge old street train taiwan
TRA train passing by the old street

How to go back to Taipei from Yingge?

Going back to Taipei from Yingge is easy since the TRA will still operate until nighttime. The route to head back is pretty much the same as I’ve described above but in reverse.

There will be some taxis stationed nearby so you won’t need to worry about not having any way to go back.

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yingge old street roof
Sunset bringing some colors to the buildings

What to do in Yingge Old Street

Alright, now let’s get to the fun part. After you know how to get to Yingge, here are things that you can do when you arrive in this ceramic paradise.

1. Stroll along the Yingge Old Street

stroll around yingge old street
The old street viewed from above

Yingge Old Street is a cobbled street where on each side exists many forms of ceramic artworks. It is a crowded shopping street where the locals enjoy coming every week. Inside this porcelain street, you’ll find ceramic stores, ice cream shops, souvenir shops, and kitchenware.

I had visited this old street on a few occasions and my time there was great. When you first arrive, there should be 2 lanes that separate this old street, either lane will have ceramics and pottery for you to see. But the street here is a sight to visit, you can take your time walking and go into shops that catch your eye!

Most shops open around 10:00 – 11:00 and every single vendor along these streets sells some kind of pottery, ceramics, or tea ware. Yingge’s pottery ranges in price and quality, from cheap, factory-produced functional ware, to astonishing pieces of art. 

Prices start at around NT$50 for a cup or saucer, rising to thousands for high-quality pieces. These expensive artworks are sold from shops that look more like art galleries, so it’s also a good opportunity to take a good look at these pieces. You may find something to suit your taste and budget.

Most shops do close around 6 pm or 7 pm and during that time the streets will be almost empty with few people left.

2. Look around the Spot Handcraft Gallery

spot handcraft gallery yingge old street
Inside this large ceramic mall

Inside one of the 2 lanes in Yingge Old Street lies a ceramic mall called Spot Handcraft Gallery (鶯歌光點美學館). It is in a smaller alley where it connects the two sides again further down the road.

This mall combines modern architecture with a twist of ceramic design. It features a multi-level floor with beautiful glass ceilings and many selections of arty goods like ceramics, paintings, and crafts. 

It is a great place for anyone looking to browse the popular ceramics that Yingge Old Street offers with a modern ambiance to support it. I had a great time walking around this big mall and even found interesting artworks that I think are interesting.

Sometimes there are even events like singing concerts for you to enjoy and ceramic exhibitions portraying Taiwan’s best ceramic artists catalogs.

3. Immerse yourself at Yingge Ceramics Museum

yingge ceramics museum
A must visit in Yingge Old Street

If you are coming to Yingge then you should add Yingge Ceramics Museum to your list. The building houses 2 floors full of interesting artworks that portray the history of Taiwan’s ceramic production.

It is generously endowed with space, leaving plenty of room for exhibits to roam around. I enjoy going to museums in Taiwan, as their architecture is a fine work to witness and Yingge Ceramics Museum is no exception.

The glass walls that cover this wide atrium often invite many people to take pictures rather than browse the big collection of pottery that resides here. Browsing the display items and walking around the museum will take you around 2 hours.

Consider checking out their gift shop as you might find something you are interested in. The entrance fee is NTD 80 and it opens every day from 9:30 – 17:00 except for Monday. 

4. Browse the diverse selections of ceramic products

yingge ceramic store
Inside one of the local shops with great vibe

If you are looking for souvenirs from your trip to Taipei then here you will find a diverse selection of artworks to choose from. There are many shops situated inside and most of them have different kinds of ceramics products.

So don’t spend time only in one store because maybe the next one has the one you are looking for! Tea wares are a popular commodity in Yingge Old Street and you might want to consider browsing through their top choices.

ceramic tea cups at yingge old street
These are ceramic cups that is more affordable

As you probably know, there are many amazing teas that you can find in Taiwan. And good tea tastes even better in a proper ceramic bowl. If you are on the lookout for a new tea cup or looking to buy one as a souvenir for your trip. 

In Yingge Old Street lies many local artists making a name for themselves by producing their very own tea wares. You can head inside one of these stores and observe the product as you might like.

But be aware that some might not be budget-friendly, The full set usually comes around NTD3,000 – 6,000 (USD100 – 200) but I have seen some going for NTD1,600 (USD50) in great quality.

5. Eat their authentic local foods

yingge old street restaurant
The popular restaurant that you should try

Every Old Street in Taiwan has food stalls ready to serve you amazing local cuisines. Yingge Old Street is no exception, here you’ll find many food choices to try, and here are some dishes you can try in Yingge: 

yingge old street bian dang
Bian Dang is a common dish you will find in Taiwan

– I’m sure you’ve heard of Bento Boxes which is popular in Japan well Taiwan has its version called Bian Dang (便當). These lunch boxes are popular all around Taiwan and have become one of the local’s favorites.

Whenever I came here I would eat this amazing dish located inside Yingge Old Street. The restaurant is called Houdao (厚道飲食店) and you can easily find it inside the old street. I recommend getting their Chicken Leg Bian Dang (雞腿便當), the meat portion is big and you will get healthy cabbages are your side dish.

You can of course try their other menu as you will find a diverse selection here. It is perfect for anyone looking to fill their stomach and continue to explore Yingge Old Street.

yingge food
Try this delicious snack made of peanuts and ice cream

– Another food that I recommend you to try out is the ever-popular Peanut Ice Cream Roll (花生捲冰淇淋). This is a famous snack that you can find on numerous old streets in Taiwan. One of the food stalls is called 麥光花生捲冰淇淋, it is almost packed with people lining up just to try this famous cuisine.

The store has a reputation for serving one of the best peanut ice cream rolls you can find in Yingge Old Street. It costs around NTD 50 for a roll, You will find 2 taro ice cream and you ask the owner to not include parsley as I know some people aren’t accustomed to the flavor.

6. Experience pottery making from experts

potter making yingge old street
The pottery class to make your very own cup

I have said before that Yingge Old Street is a ceramics paradise in Taiwan. Whether you are an avid pot collector or simply want to experience pot making then taking a pottery class is a great choice.

I recommend taking a class at The Shu’s Pottery as they are known to be experts in providing high-quality pottery-making classes and have numerous positive reviews online. It can get pretty filled quickly so sign up for the class in advance to save yourself a seat.

yingge pottery making
Pottery making in action

​​There are many class options such as hand-building pottery, and throwing pottery and the prices range from NTD200 – 500 (USD8 – 14). If this is your first time, then no worries because there will be many instructors to help you.

They will guide you through the process step by step, even children are among the students here. So don’t be discouraged because anyone can learn pottery making in Yingge Old Street.

>> You can sign up here to book your pottery-making class at The Shu’s Pottery. <<

7. Visit the Yingge Old Street Kiln

yingge old street kiln
The interesting chimney that produces smoke

This kiln is a big store that houses many ceramic products the outer appearance attracts visitors to take pictures together with it. It features a working chimney which can produce smoke coming out of it every 60 minutes.

So be sure to time your visit so that you can witness this spectacle. Outside you will find that there is an entrance where it is decorated with beautiful hanging lanterns of various colors.

It’s not a secret that everyone who came here wants to take a picture in its dazzling alley with brightly lit lanterns. 

yingge old street night taiwan
After 6 or 7 pm, shops are starting to close

Conclusion: Was Yingge Old Street worth a visit?

If you are a fan of ceramics and pottery then this place is a must-visit when you are in Taiwan. But Yingge Old Street also offers amazing things that you can do other than buying ceramics.

I have to agree that Yingge itself doesn’t offer touristy stuff to do if you compare it with Jiufen Old Street. But every time I visit, the streets are packed with people looking to see through the amazing selection of tea ware or even taking some pottery classes.

Yingge Old Street isn’t that huge, so you’d likely be done with it after a few hours. I would say that it is worth a visit! Yingge is a wonderful place and there are many things that you can do here.

>> I recommend combining your trip to Sanxia Old Street so you get a feel of both places. <<

As I have stated before there exist many local tea ware stores and the ceramics museum for you to explore. I hope you find this guide helpful and have a wonderful time exploring this amazing old street.

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