Top 7 Food to Eat in Yingge Old Street 2023

yingge old street 2023
Beautiful afternoon at Yingge Old Street.

If you want to try a different vibe from Taipei and experience a more local approach then Yingge Old Street is a place you must visit!

What makes this old street so special is that it is known for its ceramic artworks and porcelain(those traditional tea sets). So if you would like to see a more traditional yet calming experience, this is the best spot to go!

This guide is dedicated to the food that I highly recommend you try out when wandering through those beautiful ceramic streets. I made a separate guide about all you need to know before coming to Yingge Old Street.

Read on to find out which food to eat in Yingge Old Street!

yingge old street taiwan
Yingge Old Street, where ceramic meets art!

How to get to Yingge from Taipei?

If you are coming from Taipei, Yingge can be easily reached by several options:

1. Taiwan Railways (TRA)

Taking the Taiwan Railways is the fastest option which will take around an hour to arrive. If you have an EasyCard then you can ride the Local TRA Train without needing to reserve a ticket.

2. MRT and Bus (Public Transport)

If you want to use the MRT (Taiwan’s Subway), it also will take you there but you need to use the bus as well. The MRT itself will take an hour and cost around TWD 40.

Then take the 916 bus which will take another 20 minutes to arrive at the Enzhugong Hospital bus stop. There you need to change to bus 702 which will take you to Yingge Old Street. 

3. Uber or Taxi

Taking an Uber or a taxi from Taipei to Yingge is the fastest and easiest option. But it will cost you around TWD 500 – 700 depending on where you depart from Taipei and the ride will take less than an hour.

>> Tip: Combine your trip with Sanxia Old Street, just a few blocks away. Known for its beautiful red-bricked buildings spanning from the start to the end. <<

yingge old street train taiwan
TRA train passing by the old street

How to go back to Taipei from Yingge?

Going back to Taipei from Yingge is easy since the TRA will still operate until nighttime. The route to head back is pretty much the same as I’ve described above but in reverse.

There will be some taxis stationed nearby so you won’t need to worry about not having any way to go back.

>> Tip: This is just all about the food guide in Yingge. For the full version, head over to my Yingge Travel Guide! <<

What to eat in Yingge Old Street

Alright, now that you know how to get there – on to the fun stuff: good local Taiwanese food in Yingge!

Here are the 7 Must-Eat Yingge Old Street Food:

1. Pork Ribs Rice (排骨飯) at Houdao (厚道飲食店)

yingge old street bian dang
Simple yet flavorful dish loved by locals.

One of the local favorites in Yingge Old Street is the Pork Ribs Rice more known as “Pai Gu Fan”. The best store for it is Houdao (阿婆壽司) (Google Maps) where you would see a crowded line waiting to have a heartwarming dish.

This may seem like a very simple but it has been a go-to meal for a quick and fulfilling meal. It consists of a serving of veggies and juicy marinated pork ribs served over piping hot steamed rice. When you get your bowl of Pai Gu Fan, you can try the pork first to get that juicy tender meat and combine it with the best rice – I found this to be the best way to enjoy the dish.

Some say Pai Gu Fan is probably the most well-loved Taiwanese dish, tied with the famous Beef Noodles, and I can totally see why! You can also order fish ball soup and braised veggies to complete the experience.

2. Peanut Ice Cream Roll (花生冰淇淋) at 麥光花生捲冰淇淋 

yingge food
My personal favorite, ice cream roll mixed with peanuts!

I’m sure you have eaten ice creams but have you tried it with peanuts and rolled together inside a thin pancake? That is what Peanut Ice Cream Roll or as the locals refer to it “Hua Sheng Bing Qi Lin”. This delicious treat is the perfect snack to take a bite and stroll the ever-beautiful Yingge Old Street.

I still remember my first experience trying the sweet peanut roll at 麥光花生捲冰淇淋 (Google Maps) and it was really delicious! The store has a reputation for serving one of the best peanut ice cream rolls you can find in Yingge Old Street. It costs around NTD 50 for a roll, You will find 2 taro ice cream and you ask the owner to not include parsley as I know some people aren’t accustomed to the flavor.

The combination of the taro ice cream with freshly carved peanut bits made it a savory treat. It consists of a thin, crepe-like pancake filled with creamy peanut ice cream and then wrapped up into a convenient handheld package. It’s a delightful blend of sweet and nutty, making it a must-try for those with a sweet tooth.

3. Starbucks Yingge

Starbucks yingge
This Starbucks branch has beautiful architecture.

For those who love coffee, here in Yingge Old Street offers something unique. You’ll find a Starbucks branch (Google Maps) nestled in the midst of the traditional street. There are many other beautiful Starbucks locations in Taiwan but this one is certainly one of the most unique in Taipei.

What makes it different from your regular Starbucks is that it’s housed in a charming old building, seamlessly blending the modern coffee culture with the Yingge’s rich architecture style. Don’t be surprised if there are many locals and even tourists coming here to take a few Instagram shots, which I personally deem to be very Instagrammable!

The interior is almost the same as other branches that you will find in Taipei but I do love how spacious it is(it has 2 floors, and many locals would come here either to relax or do their work).

4. Taiwanese Sushi (台灣壽司) at A-po Sushi (阿婆壽司)

apo sushi yingge
Look at the amount of Sushi they freshly make every day!

If you’re a fan of Sushi, then don’t miss out on this unique Taiwanese-styled sushi. It is a local specialty that can be hard to find in Taipei but if you do, the flavors are well worth the wait. It combines your regular seaweed roll and rice but with distinctly Taiwanese flavors like pork floss, fried pork, and many others.

A-po Sushi (阿婆壽司) (Google Maps) is a must-visit for anyone looking to savor some amazing Taiwanese sushi. What I liked the most is that there’s an array of creative ingredients that you won’t even know could fit well and taste great in sushi. From crispy tempura to tender pork belly, all rolled into bite-sized sushi pieces. It’s a delightful fusion of Japanese tradition and Taiwanese cuisine and goes to show that any food can be well made if done correctly.

5. Bubble Tea (珍珠奶茶)

coco bubble tea
CoCo’s bubble milk tea is one of my favorite drinks!

We all know how Bubble Tea has taken the world by storm last few years and Taiwan is the birthplace of this flavor-blasting drink. In Yingge Old Street it is no surprise if there are a few drink stores situated here ready to whip a refreshing drink for a stroll through the ceramic streets.

Whenever you feel thirsty you can always rely on Bubble tea to refresh you, especially during those hot weather. Here, you’ll find variations of bubble tea, from the classic milk tea with tapioca pearls to unique seasonal fruit flavors. It’s the perfect way to quench your thirst while exploring the ceramic streets.

Where to drink Bubble Tea in Yingge?

6. Steamed Buns (包子) at Yilan Gold Medal Buns (鶯歌宜蘭土包子)

steamed bun yingge
Juicy fillings of pork buns (the perfect takeaway food).

If you ask me what is my childhood dish, it would be Steamed buns or “Bao Zi”. Growing up as a Chinese oftentimes my parents would bring me back some steaming hot pork buns and the moment I bit through it I tasted those tender and juicy meaty pork. To me, there’s nothing that could come close to this simple yet flavorful dish.

If you would like to try one for yourself then head to Yilan Gold Medal Buns (鶯歌宜蘭土包子) (Google Maps) just before you enter the old street. Their menu could be overwhelming but don’t worry as it is just mainly different fillings of meat. So if you would like to try the OG 包子 experience then grab yourself a 肉包(steamed bun filled with juicy pork). The boss is kind and as long as you said it clearly “Rou Bao” you should be good to go.

7. Tofu Pudding (豆花) at 阿嬤ㄟ豆花

douhua yingge
Get some refreshing Dou Hua after a long day.

What better way to end your trip to Yingge Old Street than a generous serving of shaved ice served with the freshest tofu. Tofu Pudding or “dou hua” is a silky-smooth Taiwanese sweet made from tofu and served with several toppings of your choice, from sweet syrup to fruity delights and my favorite, peanuts!

At 阿嬤ㄟ豆花 (Google Maps) they have 2 menus only which are 豆花 and 剉冰. The latter which is “Cuo Bing” is a special kind of dessert where it is mostly a mountain of shaved ice and topped with sweet syrups from chocolate to strawberry. I usually would order the 豆花 as you will get to choose between 1 to 2 toppings of your choice. My go-to toppings are 珍珠(tapioca balls, the one you see inside Bubble Tea) and 花生(raw peanuts)

.Just for 50 NTD, you can get a refreshing dessert to cool you off after a long stroll. It’s a light and sweet dessert perfect for anyone looking to relax and chill while enjoying the views that Yingge Old Street has to offer.

Planning to travel to Taipei?

If this trip will be your first time in Taiwan then visiting the very capital should be your top choice! Not only does Taipei offer amazing things that you can do, but there are many other spots like old streets and night markets that you should consider visiting as well.

>> Read my Yingge Old Street guide here! <<

Alright, hope you will get the chance to try these 7 must-eat food. Let me know below if you find this post useful or not, and if you have questions or suggestions to add. Until next time!

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